The proliferation of digital devices such as mobile devices and tablets along with generous data allowances and high speed communications has resulted in the rapid growth of various social media platforms. These platforms mainly allow users to record/share individual or group messages, photos, ideas, hobbies, events, DIY guides and so much more.

It used to be perfectly acceptable for a company engaged in digital marketing activities just to have an online website and maybe a monthly newsletter. However, that does not hold true in todays world where users engage online with Companies in so many different ways. The upsurge in popularity of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) has resulted in Companies setting up a dedicated presence on the more popular social media platforms relevant to their business activities. Once a presence has been established on a given (or number of) social media platforms, it is essential that the content be refreshed regularly to keep the community of customers engaged with the company and its products/services offered.

The adoption of various social media platforms by a company as part of its digital marketing campaign helps establish more of an intimate customer relationship for the company within the user communities of these various platforms. In many ways this can also contribute to more a positive consumer perception of a company through enhanced customer service offerings or engaging consumers with competitions/surveys etc.

For larger companies, digital marketing techniques can also be deployed to many social media platforms in the form of paid advertising banners/links specifically targeted to match user likes/interests relevant to the products/services being offered by a company.

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